5 Best Coconut Oil Home Remedies For Skin

All of us want to have a healthy and glowing skin. There are thousands of products available on the market today, that you can purchase to treat and nourish your skin. Many of them can hit in your pocket a bit too much, and sometimes you may be concerned about what exactly is it that you put on your skin. Listed below few coconut oil home remedies for skin which are affordable and helpful for many problematic situations to solve.

Coconut oil through the decades has proven to be a great and a very organic approach to skin care. So, here are five best coconut oil home remedies for skin which you can use to treat your skin all in the comfort of your home

coconut oil home remedies

1. Coconut oil massage for dry skin

Massages are a great way to soften your skin and give a better circulation to your whole body. Use coconut oil with a few drops of any essential oil that you like, and apply it with gently massaging your face and the rest of your body. This will moisturize your skin and give it a nice and vibrant glow, as well as encourage it to naturally moisturize itself in the future.

2. Sunscreen and sunburn remedy

It happens sometimes that you are exposed to the sun a little too much, and come home with red and irritated skin. Coconut oil is a great remedy for sunburn. Mix it with aloe vera oil or apple cider vinegar. Not only that it will ease the inflamed skin, but it will also keep it moisturized through the recovery process which is very important. Coconut oil, zinc oxide and raspberry seed oil mixed together to make a great protection from the sun.

3. Cellulite remedy

Coconut oil has the power to break down the fat in your cells. You can warm it up a little bit and rub it on the areas with cellulite daily to help your skin renew itself.

4. Skin blemishes

Mixed together – a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of raw honey will help you get rid of skin blemishes. Massage and let it stay for about 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

5. Eczema

The great concentration of vitamins minerals and antioxidants in coconut oil can help you ease the irritation and dryness of a sensitive skin that suffers eczema. Regularly used, it can prevent bigger rashes. During the winter when the weather is colder, eczema can cause more damage to your skin, so before you leave the house rub some on your critical areas.

So, coconut oil has many many uses you can find out there. People have shared tons of experiences with its benefit. Mixed with other organic ingredients, it is amazing for your skin nails, hair and even as a food supplement. Its power in breaking down dead cells, moisturizing and renewing your skin are all in just one bottle. It is definitely much safer to use than a lot of other products out there.

It is easy and affordable to add it to your skin routine, so definitely follow these coconut oil home remedies for skin and give it a try!

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