Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in Summer

The benefits of drinking lemon water in summer are many and varied. If you are like me, having lemon water in the morning is better for you than coffee. I love my coffee every morning, but the problem with it in the summer months is that caffeine will dehydrate you. Lemon water will detoxify you and give you that extra jolt you may need, especially, first thing in the morning. In addition to detoxifying you, because lemons are loaded with fiber, it will help with GI disturbances. The vitamin C will also help prevent summer colds because it also boosts the immune system. I have been drinking lemon water for years since I have a propensity for catching horrible head colds in the summer. I used to get three or four every summer. I now get one maybe two every summer and they don’t last as long.

benefits of drinking lemon water

Another benefit is that because we live in a stress-filled environment, one of the things that are depleted first is vitamin C. Supplementing one’s routine with lemon water is one way to replace that which is lost. Potassium is crucial to nerve, heart and brain health. I tend to get leg cramps when I am sleeping. That is an indicator that my potassium levels are too low. I will either eat bananas or lemon water because almost immediately when I eat bananas or drink lemon water, I notice that the cramps abate.

I have a problem with arthritis. I do not tolerate most medications for this disorder because my body does not metabolize them well and the side effects are hideous. Lemon water, for me, relieves the inflammation without the side effects.

A very unique property of lemons is that they tend to help abate the symptoms of stress and depression. I have taken Celexa, Lexapro, and Cymbalta for depression and dysthymia, but the side effects of those medications are, in some ways, worse than the disorder. Try lemon water. I don’t know why this is, but it seems to calm me down and reduce the intensity of the disorder. Instead of coffee for an energy boost or one of those drinks that one spends way too much money for, buy lemons and make lemon water. By the way, if you are a foodie like me, I will put a bunch of lemon water with salt and pepper in a pot and put a whole chicken, brine it overnight and the next day, roast it in my oven. I will then make lemon gravy from the brine and serve it. My wife and children love it.

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