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Lots of persons find that after having an adequate size of the meal, they still become hungry before going to bed. In this case, foods which induce great sleep and which are healthy are the best food to eat at night. Foods which have Tryptophan together with the ones for carbohydrates are the amazing choice that fill one’s stomach without disruptions of sleep patterns. Depending on the food quantities and choices that you eat, consuming them before going to bed my hinder or help your wellness.

food to eat at night

1. Cereal with Milk

A cereal which is made up of whole grains then layered with skimmed milk is the best food to eat before sleep. It is a good selection because calcium and carbohydrates will be extracted and these nutrients induce sleep fast without making one to be too full to lose sleep. Avoid too much sugar in the cereal bowl at night as lots of sweet stuff has sleep interference. The cereal bowl makes one to relax before going to bed and fill the stomach until morning.

2. Sandwiches

A sandwich of peanut butter contains carbohydrates and tryptophan, which a sandwich of tuna has low amounts protein though has good enough carbohydrates which make it an amazing night choice. Another food containing tryptophan is Turkey which makes a lovely sandwich to take before bed. It is advisable to eat either of these sandwiches some minutes before going to bed as it takes a while for tryptophan and carbohydrates effects to kick in then make you right to sleep. An hour before going to bed is a good time.

3. Eggs

There is enough tryptophan in a number of scrambled eggs which makes them a right night time choice of food. Eggs are comforting to eat as they are warm thus inducement of sleep. Some cheese sprinkled on the eggs will provide enough proteins and carbohydrates to be full till morning. Scrambled eggs mixed in whole grain tortilla makes a night food option which promotes good health and healthy sleep.

4. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Some people require something sweet before falling ending their day which will aid them to fall asleep. Milk with cookies of oatmeal raisin is recommended as it provides calcium, tryptophan, and carbohydrates. This is a triple night time food benefit which will make you sleep in a very short time.

The top foods to eat to lose weight at night are dairy foods because they have tryptophan which makes the body to give out melanin, a chemical in the brain which is essential to fall and stay asleep.

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