Daily Exercises For Back Pain

Thoracic back pain is described as upper back pain, and this happens when the muscles at your upper back are strained. There are a lot of exercises that will lessen the pain and stop this pain from coming back. These workouts will loosen muscle tissues, decrease tension, strengthen the back and boost flexibility. In this article are exercises which you can do to alleviate the pain. Perform five repetitions of these exercises daily for starters and eventually increase the number of repetitions. Before performing them, always consult first with your doctor.Some of the exercises include;

Pectoralis Stretch

This involves standing in a doorway and putting your hands on the frame of your door. Bend your upper body forward as gently as you can. Inside your chest, you will feel your pectoralis muscle stretching and tightening. Stay in this position for a quarter of a minute and then go back to your normal position. Repeat this exercise five times and add a repetition each day.

pectoralis stretch

Arm Slides

For this exercise, you need to stand straight with your back against a wall. Place your arms above your head and along the wall. As your arms move up and down the wall, feel the muscles in your arms and back stretching.

arm slides

Scapular Squeezes

Scapular squeezes where you raise your arms to your sides.Your palms must face forward while your elbows are bent. Feel the stretching of your muscles as you move your arms outward on your sides. Hold this position for around a quarter of a minute when the muscles are completely stretched. You will feel relief from upper back pain that you are experiencing.

scapular squeez

Mid-trap Exercise

This is another daily upper back pain relief exercise which is also highly recommended by many individuals that suffer from chronic back pain. This exercise is called the Mid Trap exercise. You should lay down on a flat hard surface on your stomach. Put a pillow under your chest between you and the hard surface.


You will need to have your arms at a 90-degree angle from your body. Slowly raise your arms in the direction of your ceiling. You will be attempting to touch your shoulder blades together. This exercise should be repeated about 20 or so times before you discontinue.

These exercises for upper back pain relief are fairly easy to do. However, you should always have the approval of your medical care professional before you begin any pain relief regimen. You might have other health issues or injuries that will limit your ability to safely do these exercises.

Thoracic stretch

You can also do a thoracic stretch where you sit on the floor and your feet in front of you. Place your hands on your mid-thighs for support. Gently curl forward and stay in this position for a quarter of a minute and then release. Another version of this exercise is by standing up. Point your right elbow to your front and then twist your upper body to your right. Feel the stretching in your upper body as you hold this position for thirty seconds. Do this position with your left elbow.

thoracic stretch

Exercising the trapezius muscle

Exercising the trapezius muscle is another very good method of getting upper back pain relief. This is because exercise relaxes and strengthens the muscle while also keeping it in great shape. This also speeds up blood circulation which helps increase the supply of oxygen to your system.

trapezius muscle stretch

With these exercises are done every day, you will then be relieved of your upper back pain.

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