Simple In Office Exercises To Do At Your Desk

Working in an office desk and sitting all day long must be so tiresome. It also gives off a tiresome feel and vibe as if the whole office smells like doom and boredom. But there are a lot of exercises to do at your desk which helps you to keep your whole body moving. At least these tips and short exercises will keep your eyes, head and neck rested for a while after staring down at a very busy computer screen.

Having to work in an office can scientifically cause you a much stressful environment but you can also be easily influenced by the hard working personalities surrounding yourself and the environment you are in. Here are some in office exercises to do at your desk at work so that you could try to relieve yourself of stress and joint pains.

exercises to do at your desk

1. Tilt your head to your shoulder.

Tilting your head to your shoulder and doing it alternately to both sides for at least a minute can guarantee you instant relief from neck pains. It is mostly done in offices by everyone who stares at a computer screen. It can be done while typing in reports so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

2. Rolling your shoulders frontwards and backward.

Slouching can always produce a few problems and pains in our upper back parts. This can be easily relieved with a few shoulder rolls frontwards and backward. It can help ease the pain we feel after hours of slouching. A good sitting posture can always help. Maintain a proper sitting posture and make it a habit.

3. Hold your hands together and stretch upwards, sidewards alternately on both sides

After hours of typing long and short reports, messages and even minutes from your most recent meeting, your wrist, fingers, and arms will also feel tired. It is best to stretch them out so as to not overwork them.

4. Extend your leg in front of you and hold that position for ten seconds

Even your legs will feel very numb during your work hours. If you’re too busy to pace around in your office or in your office cubicle, you can always just stretch your legs underneath your desk. Stretching them and holding that posting for at least ten seconds ought to relieve yourself of the numbness you feel.

5. Walk around your office during breaks.

When your break has finally come up, you can always take a walk around your office area. You can even use the stairs if you just want to get to the next floor level or the floor level before instead of taking a lift. An exercise at work is enough to get your whole body moving.

The office may not look like a suitable area to do a few “work” outs but it actually is. Exercise is proven to give a person a much better outlook, greater work ethic, and high rating output quality. It is a good way to focus and be relieved of a few stress points at the same time. Try these exercises to do at your desk and stay fit

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