Good Luck Plants For Home Front Door

There are many different ways that you can make your home look neat and presentable. One of the easiest one is keeping of good luck plants. Good luck plants are mainly kept indoors and they always bring a nice ambiance to your surroundings. Here are some examples that you can try:

Good Luck Plants For Home

The Money Plant: Arguably one of the oldest and most popular of the lucky plants family. It is easily accessible and most people like it because it is a wonderful creeper. Even though most people prefer to hang it from a certain height, it is advisable to make sure that its shoot points upwards. To grow the money plant:

money plant

· Get an average-sized pot

· Drill holes in the bottom for drainage

· Fill it will drainage-free soil and plant the cut stem

The Lucky Bamboo: Despite what its name suggests, this plant is not a bamboo. Rather, it is a Dracaena. Getting its origin from the Chinese culture, it is the true embodiment of Feng-Shui. Three stalks is a symbol of happiness and wealth, five stalks represent luck and more wealth. To plant the lucky bamboo:
lucky bamboo plant

· Get an average-sized transparent container

· Fill it with water and marbles up to the required height (1-3 inches)

· Plant the lucky bamboo and make sure it is steady

· Make sure it has access to direct sunlight

Snake Plant: You may know it as the mother-in-law plant. It’s good luck property comes from the fact that it is known to absorb some poisonous gasses from the air. This is far from speculation because these facts have been scientifically proven. To be more specific, it can absorb benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Furthermore, it exudes water vapor to provide a nice, humid environment. Not only does it bring luck but it is also healthy. To grow it:

snake plant

· Get an average-sized container

· Put enough water just to cover the bottom tissue

· When the roots appear, plant it in soil

The four-leaf clover: Everybody knows about the clover. It is a common plant that has only three leaves and grows anywhere like a weed. It is one of those plants you cannot contain indoors. The four-leaved clover is a rare variation; a mutant. The three regular leaves represent faith, hope, and love. The fourth rare leave is the one that begets luck. The four-leaf clover is a rare plant that can only be accessed by accident or luck.


Basil Plant: Basil plant can be grown in the garden. It is presumed to bring love and wealth. It also contains an antiseptic that can repel flies and other insects, therefore, cleansing the area.

basil plant

· Start the seedlings indoors for 6 weeks while preparing the outdoor site

· Plant the seedlings a quarter inch deep

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