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Pedicure’s importance Due to our strenuous lifestyle, we now don’t really have time for ourselves and especially our feet. We abandon ourselves and forget to give our feet the relaxation they deserve after being used all day. Pedicure at home is important for every human being to keep their feet unobstructed from any disadvantageous bacteria or any type of dirt that could stick on the feet and then maybe cause feet diseases. So pedicure at home is basically being extinct to keep your feet beautiful and to prevent your nails from growing inward plus also helps them against any toe traumas.

Tips for home pedicure – When starting a pedicure try to keep all the supplies together in order to be safe from forgetting anything. – Also make sure to remove any nail paints if you’ve already applied for the pedicure to act completely and efficiently. ¬†Smoothen out the tops of your nails. Keep the cuticles done beforehand. Best pedicure procedure with Natural ingredients.

home pedicure tips

1. First of all, begin with removing any nail paint that you have applied on your nails.

2. After you have removed the nail paint, free your feet from all the pollutants by clearing it with a cloth and use acetone to clean the nails. Make sure you apply acetone for about a minute only because it tends to be a strong solvent and can dry out your skin if used longer than required.

3. Later on, cut your nails with a nail cutter and file them according to your most desired shape and length.

4. Take a small tub of the size in which you can easily place your feet, fill that tub with some hot water and add a little soap to it. Then add marigold petals plus natural, fresh lemon slices into it. Marigold petals are used in pedicure because they protect sensitive skin from any unwanted rashes and redness while lemon is a skin brightening scrub plus works heavenly in whitening the nails and feet fingers.

5. After you have added the ingredients to the tub, now you will have to massage your nails with honey nicely and softly to prevent any rashes in case of hard massaging. Honey is being used in the process because it is antibacterial which means it actively fights against any bacteria present in your feet.

6. Subsequently, after the fingers, feet, and nails have softened, you can now use a brush to rub it on your feet.

7. Wet the pumice stone completely and start rubbing it on your rough spots like the heels, toes and the bottom of your feet with a bathing soap to remove all the dead skin.

8. Now apply cuticle oil on your nails to provide a smooth surface for cuticle pusher to remove cuticles so your nails can grow strongly. Keep the oil applies for at least two minutes.

9. Use a little lemon to rub on the dark parts of your feet to remove any darknesses. 10. At the end mix any 2 teaspoon cream and honey in a bowl and massage it on your feet gently. When you’re finished, clean it all with a warm towel.

10. At the end mix any 2 teaspoon cream and honey in a bowl and massage it on your feet gently. When you’re finished, clean it all with a warm towel.

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