How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally At Home

Stretch marks are the visible lines found on skin surface mainly in the abdominal region, upper arms, breasts, buttocks and over the thighs. These lines can sometimes cover large parts of the body and have several causes. Pregnancy is one of the primary cause of stretch lines among other causes such as; sudden loss or gain in weight, stress, heredity factors & sudden change in physical body factors.

The human skin comprises of 3 main layers; the outer epidermis, the middle dermis, and the deepest hypodermic layers. Stretch marks mostly develop in the dermis layer when the connective tissues are stretched beyond their power of flexibility. This is caused due to rapid contraction or expansion of the skin. Once your skin stretches, collagen is weakened & its normal functioning; the production cycle is altered and damaged.

The interruption causes fine scars beneath the epidermal layers. Initially, these scars look red or pink but with time; silvery line appears and the stretch mark develops. These marks make one feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about the body appearance. This problem shouldn’t give you a headache anymore! Do not compromise your happiness or self-esteem, here are some of the natural & home remedies that can help you feel comfortable in your own skin.Take a look at how to remove stretch marks naturally fast at home.

remove stretch marks naturallyUsing lemon juice

Lemon juice has some natural acids that help reduce and heal scars, acne and stretch marks. All you need to do is rub fresh juice gently on the affected parts for some minutes before rinsing with warm water. The other option is mixing equal amounts of 2 juices; lemon & cucumber then applying the paste to the affected parts of the skin.

Aloe Vera

The soothing and healing power of aloe Vera is undoubted in the skincare industry. This medication has been proved to be quite effective in treating a number of skin diseases and disorders. You only need to rub the aloe Vera gel directly on the skin before rinsing off the gel with water. The other option is mixing aloe Vera gel with oils from vitamin E and Vitamin A capsules and applying on the affected skin area.

Castor oil

This oil has been used to treat some of the other common skin disorders such as pimples & dark spots, moles & wrinkles and fine lines. Apply the oil on affected skin areas and gently massage for about 15 minutes. You should use a cotton cloth with a heating pad/ a hot-water bottle. You should repeat this process for a month or two to notice some positive results.

Other ways to treat the stretch marks is the use of potato juice, egg whites, and sugar. All these work just like the above-mentioned methods. To call it a success, you should use the above home remedies for not less than a month on a regular basis.

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