Simple Exercises To Do in The Car

More Indians than ever are dealing with long commute times, which cuts into morning gym time severely. Luckily, there’s no need to sacrifice a healthy lifestyle just because you’re spending a lot of time in the car. There are plenty of opportunities for exercises to do in the car while driving, especially if your commute involves sitting in traffic for any length of time.

exercises to do in the car

Chest Boosters

This is one of the easiest ways to exercise in the car. Tone your pectoral muscles by doing chest boosters, an easy exercise that you can do with your hands off the wheel, such as while you’re waiting in traffic or if you’re a passenger. Rest your forearms on your thighs while you sit, and lace your fingers together. With your fingers still laced, hold your shoulders straight and your chest up, and touch your elbows together. Hold it for about 10 seconds, and repeat up to 12 times. You should feel this one in your chest and your sides.

Core Squeezes

Core squeezes are great because they don’t necessarily require the use of your arms. Simply contract your abdominal muscles like you’re doing a crunch, but without moving your torso. Hold it for 10 seconds and do as many repetitions as you’re comfortable doing. If you’re waiting for traffic, then you can put even more pressure on those core muscles by putting your hands flat on the roof and pushing up while you engage your core. The harder you push, the more your core engages.

Arm Stretches

Another good stopped-in-traffic exercise, arm stretches help tone your arms and shoulders and leave you feeling strong and rejuvenated. Open your window and hold both arms out perpendicular to your body, with your right palm down and your left palm up. Slowly rotate your palms so that your left palm is down and your right palm is up. This is a quick exercise; you can easily complete 50 repetitions in a couple minutes while waiting at a traffic light.

Seated Twists

Seated twists are your best friend if you work at a desk job because they help open up your pelvic muscles and relax your lower back. While you’re waiting in traffic, sit straight with your feet on the car’s floor (but off the gas and brake) and your arms alongside your body. Breathe in, and reach the top of your head toward the ceiling. Then, breathe out, contract your core, and slowly twist your body to the left, reaching your right arm over your body until your hand connects with the left arm rest. Next, reverse sides, and keep repeating until you’re feeling fatigued.

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